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A woman receives a physiotherapy treatment on her neck in the Penticton clinic.


Strength • Mobility • Function

Mission statement:

Our goal is to return clients to their normal activities and prevent re-injury while helping them move and feel better. We strive to accomplish this through personalized assessment and treatment.

How do we accomplish this:

Our approach is an active, hands-on approach. We will assist you in achieving your rehabilitation goals and optimum daily living functions through accurate diagnosis, clinically proven treatment intervention and especially patient education.

Each therapist at the Pro-Physio Clinic is committed to education and training in their own area of interest. We work as a team and if necessary will consult each other to gather more information on more complicated cases.

About the care we offer:

We take time for each of our clients to ensure a thorough assessment is performed. It is of great importance to us to educate the client about the nature of the injury, the treatment plan and set up a personalized (home) exercise program.

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