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Our Approach

We provide an active hands-on approach to achieving your rehabilitation goals.

South Okanagan's Trusted Physiotherapy Clinics

Serving the local South Okanagan community for over 28 years through 2 locations

Various Specialties

Each therapist has their own specific area of interest.  We work as a team and may consult with each other on more complex cases

Manual Therapy

Physical treatment used to treat pain, inflammation, and help relaxation

Exercise Therapy

Therapeutic exercise is a bodily movement prescribed to help correct, improve, and maintain health


Create a more efficient road to recovery through movement and active rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Exercise based programs designed to tream problems related to the inner ear; balance, vertigo, and dizziness.

Kinesio & Athletic Taping

Therapeutic taping method that will aid in your rehabilitation


Ultrasound, laser, hot/cold therapies can be used to reduce pain, stimulate healing, and improve your rehabilitation

Concussion Management

Complete concussion management to help improve your concussion rehabilitation

Graston Therapy

We are certified to offer this technique that addresses issues with soft tissue injury

Pelvic Health

Two of our physiotherapists have specialized training in pelvic floor rehabilitation

Acupuncture & IMS

Decrease pain and tension, and promote healting through with these offered techniques

Home Physiotherapy

If you have difficulties coming to any of our locations, we will come to you.

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