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Pain Relief Acupuncture
Needle therapy Acupuncture
Decrease pain and tension, promote healing.

Physiotherapy acupuncture techniques are derived from traditional Chinese medicine.  A physiotherapist will assess your specific musculoskeletal impairments, for example:

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Poor pattern of movement

  • Increased tone in muscles


They will then select the appropriate points to insert the filamentous needles into.  The point are based on the philosophy of Chinese medicine's meridians in the body.  The needles may be left inserted in the points for a few minutes, while the patient relaxes in a comfortable position, before the needles are removed.

The purpose of traditional Chinese acupuncture is to realign the body's qi, or energy.  The goal of the physiotherapist is to promote healing, decrease tension within muscles, and to gain functional movement. 

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