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Registered Massage Therapy

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Shoulder Massage
Relaxation and wellness

Massage can play an important role in the process of injury rehabilitation. Massage encourages blood circulatory movement and relaxes muscles. Massage helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues and organs. An increase of vital nutrients into the tissues accelerates the healing rate of injured areas.


Kassidy Todd blends relaxation and educated Swedish Massage techniques for her clients health goals and wellness. All treatments include visual assessments, palpation and postural assessments before the massage treatment will begin. By doing these assessments, treatments are able to be more specific for the clients benefit. Your specific health and wellness are paramount in goal setting for your treatment. You have the power to stop, change or modify your treatment at anytime.

You can book your appointment directly with Kassidy here:

Or reach Kassidy by phone with any questions at 250-499-9604.

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