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About Pro Physio Clinic

Pro Physio Clinic has been operating in Penticton since 1991. 

We are proud to offer therapy, rehabilitation, and home therapy to help clients from all walks of life achieve their maximum potential and return to the best version of themselves.

We strive to provide top-quality therapies and services that make a difference and get results. Our team of experienced and well-trained professionals have helped many people with a wide range of injuries, conditions, and situations overcome challenges and live fuller lives.

Our approach is an active, hands-on approach. We will assist you in achieving your rehabilitation goals and optimum daily living functions through accurate diagnosis, clinically proven treatment intervention and especially patient education.

Each therapist at Pro Physio Clinic is committed to education and training in their own area of interest. We work as a team and if necessary will consult each other to gather more information on more complicated cases.

We take time for each of our clients to ensure a thorough assessment is performed. It is of great importance to us to educate the client about the nature of the injury, the treatment plan and set up a personalized (home) exercise program.

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